Bitter Roots Demo

by Joshua Lory

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A Demo I did 6 years ago, the timing gets a little squirelly in spots, but that's OK, it's a good demo, enjoy!


released December 5, 2016

Joshua Lory-Bas, Vocals, guitar, mix, and Master
Nick White-Drums



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Track Name: Bitter Roots (Demo)
Bitter Roots-
V1-Grin and bare it brother you'll get no slack
Ol' Scratch holds the world standing on your back
these days are feeling so long you're dying for sleep
the nights taking over a boy you're in deep
CHRS-spun yourself right out of the dream
a broken jittery skeleton
grounded so deep by these bitter roots
and so full of nothing eating rotten fruits
V2-A pugilist always ready to throw down
those spirits got you ready for the next round
took a few on the chin broke a nose or two
this fights to the finish gotta see it through
CHRS2-humble ourselves in the eyes of God
He gives the OK with a wink and a nod
we're grounded so deep by these bitter roots
words become useless eating rotten fruit
V3-feelin' more surly than a birthday clown
once king of the hill then stripped of that crown
the path was drawn so you step over it
there's such a fine line between clever and stupid